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Contact Information

  • Address: Cherry Blossom Cakes,
                         8 South Parade,
                         South Yorkshire,
                         DN10 6JH
  • Tel:            01302 711 238
  • Email:      hello@cbcakes.co.uk



  • A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to book a wedding date.
  • The full balance of any wedding cake is due eight weeks before the date on which the cake is to be delivered.
  • In the case of celebration cakes, or those ordered closer to the wedding/event than eight weeks, a non-refundable £25 deposit is required, with full payment due upon collection.

Cake Stand/Accessory Hire

  • Cake stands can be hired for £10. A refundable deposit of £50 is required in case of damage/non-return. Cake stands must be returned within 7 days of the event unless otherwise agreed.


  • Wedding orders over £200 are delivered free of charge within a 25 mile radius of DN10 6JH. Deliveries outside this will be subject to a mileage charge.
  • Upon delivery to the venue, responsibility for the cake passes to the venue/customer.
  • Any orders collected from Cherry Blossom Cakes are the sole responsibility of the customer as soon as they leave our premises. PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend that stacked wedding cakes are delivered and set up by Cherry Blossom Cakes.
  • Cherry Blossom Cakes recommends that insurance be taken out for any large order to provide cover in the event of loss/damage.

Cancellation Rights and Refunds

  • Any cancelled order will result in the loss of the non-refundable £50/£25 deposit.
  • Orders cancelled prior to the eight week balance due date will not be subject to any further costs. If the customer has been paying in instalments prior to this date, the total amount paid will be refunded minus the non-refundable £50/£25 deposit.
  • Orders cancelled after this will be required to cover any ingredient/equipment costs undertaken in relation to that order, upon production of relevant receipts.
  • Orders cancelled two weeks or less before the event will not be refunded.

Allergy Information

  • Cherry Blossom Cakes cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen in our kitchen e.g. Gluten, nuts, peanuts, dairy, cereals, egg, soy.

Force Majeure Clause

  • A Party shall not be deemed in default of this Agreement, nor shall it hold the other Party responsible for any cessation, interruption or delay in the performance of its obligations (excluding payment obligations) due to earthquake, flood, fire, storm, snow, natural disaster, act of God, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labour strike, lockout, boycott or other similar events beyond the reasonable control of the Party, provided that the Party relying upon this provision:
    - Gives prompt written notice thereof, and takes all steps reasonably necessary to mitigate the effects of the force majeure event.
    - If a force majeure event extends for a period in excess of 30 days in the aggregate, either Party may immediately terminate this Agreement upon written notice.

Non-Edible Decorations

  • Upon delivery of any cake/dessert table a delivery form will be provided, which will include details of any non-edible decorations/items included with the order. After this form has been signed, any liability rests with the venue/customer.

Privacy Policy

  • Cherry Blossom Cakes will never sell or provide any customers’ data to a third party for any marketing or advertising purposes.

Copyright Notice

  • All cake designs, logos and images are copyright to Cherry Blossom Cakes and may only be used or reproduced with permission.

Limited Liability

  • In any circumstance, Cherry Blossom Cakes can only be held liable for an amount up to the total of the original order.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


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